Builder Plans Used In Clash Of Clans

This is a game that places much emphasis on planning and even the execution of strategies. The most and useful aspect of the game is to ensure that one has a good builder plan that helps in securing your base at the same time destroying the enemy units which may come to attack your territory. The plan of your base is a very important part since the game can be decided in regard to how you have placed your buildings, the defense units and defense structures. There are so many builder plans available for the game of clash of clans online in that people are able to copy the plan or utilize part of the plan when drawing up a building plan of their own.


Due to the great importance of your base, there are a lot of things that usually have to be taken into consideration. This part is the most important in the game. It will help you to protect resources and at the same time be of importance in maintaining a high trophy count. You will find out tat in nature the base is defensive and as such it forms a lifeline for the army troops and structures that is responsible in attacking your enemy clans at the same time eliminating them. There are several basics that should be considered when you are laying your base plan. These basics can be briefly discussed below.

A few buildings should be protected by using walls while at the same time a few have to be left outside of the walls. Buildings such as spell factory, barracks, army camps, and laboratory and builders huts have to be situated outside. Also in some instances you might have Elixir Collectors and gold mines. If it happens that elixir collectors and gold mines are to the high levels, then you might even consider them to be situated inside walls. It is possible to centralize some of the defensive buildings such as mortars and wizard towers in order to avoid being attacked. Also, you should avoid putting archer towers and canons in the outskirts so as to make sure that they are not attacked as the first buildings.